Live Musicians

Whether it’s the flowing notes of a string trio or the unique sounds of an acoustic duet live music can dynamically change the feel of any event.

Our musicians have hundreds of hours of experience together and create a perfectly blended sound.

All of our musicians are booked at a standard rate of $250 per artist for up to 2 hours of music.  

all our packages include

Two Hour Minimum


Just enjoy

All of our solo artists are booked for a two-hour minimum. This is to ensure that you don't have to worry about your live musicians packing up in the middle of a set!

Professional Artists


Quality Crew

Our artists play together regularly and as such can seamlessly integrate their sounds together. Seriously, they are crazy good.

Semi- Custom Playlists



Artists have to learn every song in their set, so we prefer to allow our artists to work with what they know. With that said we do ask for special requests so they can learn and continue to grow as musicians!

String Trio – $600
Nothing matches the beauty and elegance of a string trio. Treat your guests to romantic melodies as they await the beginning of the ceremony. Imagine walking down the aisle to the flowing and graceful notes of a string trio. The top pick for brides desiring that special touch to their ceremonies.

Rehearsal Dinner

Austin & Hannah Massey

Acoustic/Folk Duo

Hannah and Austin Massey have been playing music together professionally since 2012, and are both multi-instrumentalists and life-long songwriters. Shortly after getting married in the summer of 2014, they began the process of recording their first record together called Hills and Valleys with their band Flocks and the Lookout. Their beautifully flowing harmonies and folky/acoustic flare are very well suited for many different styles of weddings and events. With over 20 years of combined experience playing and singing for churches, weddings, and other events, Hannah and Austin are eager to complement your special day with their unique sound filling the air.

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Main Ceremony

Jody Hefner

Live Musician, Piano & Vocals

I began playing by ear when I was 12 and shortly after began taking lessons. I was classically trained for 8 years on the piano and majored in music in college. Throughout high school and into college I loved playing and writing modern, contemporary, folk and jazz music. I’ve sang and played in dozens of weddings and other events, played in bands and on worship teams. I consider the music to be the glue that holds things together, fills in the gaps and adds a personal touch to any event. I love being able to add any kind of transitions and create an atmosphere for such an important day for the bride and groom.

Main Ceremony

Summer Douglas

Live Musician, Violinist

I first learned to play violin when I was about eleven years old and quickly realized how much I loved the sound and feel I could create with this instrument. I’ve performed playing solo, in string duets and trios, and in small bands for over three years now. Whether I’m playing at an event, a wedding, or on my church worship team, I’m always happiest playing when I’m able bless other people through the music.

The Party

Emily Douglas

Live Musician, Violinist

Music has always been a part of my life growing up. I fell in love with the violin when I was eight and have been playing ever since. I’ve been playing with my church worship team for over a year and I love getting to collaborate with other musicians. I have experience playing in both solo and team performances for recitals, weddings, and parties.

Austin & Hannah – Flocks & The Lookout

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