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The best photographers are born with an innate eye for seeing the beauty in the world around them.

The best wedding vendors share joy, patience, and peace with all they encounter.

Our team of photographers and videographers are a young and talented group that are gifted in both skill and heart. We are blessed to have them on our team!

Rehearsal Dinner

Abi May


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The Party

Paul Ahrens

Videographer, Second Photographer

My passion is for all things story related – mixing sound, lighting, creative camera angles, the wardrobe…all of it. I love how everything comes together to tell a story.

One of my favorite things about weddings is the pure joy and excitement of the bride and groom. I love all the details of weddings, especially the anticipation of the groom waiting for the first look and the glowing bride preparing herself. Whether the first look is before or during the ceremony, that moment of the couple coming face to face for the first time is something that never fails to leave me speechless and honored to do what I do.

Why do I personally want to film weddings? Its simple really, because of MY wedding video. Our videographer basically told our love story in a short film and it is something that my wife and I treasure watching and sharing year after year. I want to do this for every couple that will allow me to. Every couple has a unique love story and I purpose to capture each wedding day in a cinematic way that showcases the specific beauty and values they hold.

Main Ceremony

Ashton Clow


I’m a photographer based out of Chicago, IL. I have an intense passion to capture human emotion through my photos, and share them with other people. My journey in photography started as an immediate hobby, and evolved into a lifestyle of capturing beautiful moments. Photography has created opportunities and avenues that I was unable to produce on my own and has resulted in people trusting me to capture their memories. Wedding Photography is a beautiful way to capture the priceless moments, and share them for a lifetime. Partnering with DJ Spin Productions has allowed my passion for photography to expand and connect me with people like you.

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