all our packages include

Free Annual Portraits



Your first year anniversary portraits are FREE! Just contact us to schedule them with your photographer.

Unlimited Edits


Look Good

We will do basic edits on all pictures we take! Isn't that how it should be?

Unlimited Pictures


No Limit

Everything is digital today so why should there be a limit? Grab a new memory card and keep posing!

Free Proof Release


All yours

They are your pictures! You should get them. All of them. NO charge.

Flawless – $5995

The flawless package is designed with one word in mind: unlimited! Three personal and professional photographers will be dedicated to capturing every special moment of your day. No matter where you go or what you do, there will be cameras there to capture each memory. This package includes a digital release, free annual portrait session, and a free engagement session. Unlimited locations, unlimited photos, unlimited time & unlimited edits. Your wedding day will be flawless.

Diamond – $4495

The diamond package is beyond expectations! Your two professional photographers will be there for unlimited time taking unlimited photos at unlimited locations. This is the stress-free bride’s choice! As always you receive all of your digital rights so you can post, share, and print any or all of your pictures!

Platinum – $3495

This two-camera option covers 8 hours of photography. The two professional photographers will capture every special moment in unlimited pictures at up to 4 locations. You will receive your digital proofs and rights as well so you can easily post, share, and print!

Gold – $2495

The Gold package is a two-camera package that covers 6 hours. This is perfect for ensuring that you get multiple angles of all of the special moments throughout your wedding day! Both professional photographers will take the time to capture each memory at up to 3 locations. All digital rights are released to you as well so every picture is yours!

Silver – $1495

This single camera option is designed for the economy wedding. This includes one
professional photographer for 6 hours. You get unlimited pictures and edits and
of course you receive the digital rights to your photos.

Engagement sessions are 1-1.5 hours of personal attention from one of our professional photographers. These sessions are held at an off-site location (often outdoors or another unique venue). You get unlimited pictures that are all edited and released to you digitally.
Some of the most unique and memorable pictures come from Trash the Dress photo sessions. This is for a special bride that wants truly one-of-a-kind photos. You will meet one of our professional photographers at a unique location where the only focus is finding the most original poses and moments!

These sessions are custom designed to meet your needs. Whether it’s family, baby, anniversary or senior photos you are sure to get perfect pictures every time. We will connect you with one of our amazing
professional photographers to set up and customize your portrait session.

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