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Cinema – $1795
The Cinema Package is our standard 8.5 hour package. This is the perfect length of time for most typical ceremonies & receptions. Typically your videographer(s) will arrive before the ceremony and stay until after the special dances. Every moment can be documented and beautifully composed in a 5.5-7 minute custom Featurette that you can watch easily anytime you want to relive your wedding day!

Photo & Video TEam

The best photographers are born with an innate eye for seeing the beauty in the world around them.

The best wedding vendors share joy, patience, and peace with all they encounter.

Our team of photographers and videographers are a young and talented group that are gifted in both skill and heart. We are blessed to have them on our team!

Rehearsal Dinner

Lauren & Manuel Barajas


My name is Lauren Barajas and I am an engagement/wedding photographer based in the Chicago suburb area! I found my passion in photography back when I was seventeen years old when my parents gave me my first camera for my birthday. I have always loved finding beauty in capturing real life moments between people. There is something so special in getting to know each of my clients and hear their story as I take their photos. Photography to me is so much more than just taking photos. It’s about forming relationships. It’s about freezing moments in time that will be treasured forever. My goal is to be like a friend and not just a stranger. I want all of my clients to feel at ease on their wedding day and get exactly what they want out of their photos!

I have been shooting weddings for the past five years now and I am excited to continue doing so with Spin N Play Productions! My husband, Manuel, and I enjoy shooting together and meeting new people over coffee! We would love to meet you and your special someone and ultimately be a part of capturing your love!

Main Ceremony

Ashton Clow


I’m a photographer based out of Chicago, IL. I have an intense passion to capture human emotion through my photos, and share them with other people. My journey in photography started as an immediate hobby, and evolved into a lifestyle of capturing beautiful moments. Photography has created opportunities and avenues that I was unable to produce on my own and has resulted in people trusting me to capture their memories. Wedding Photography is a beautiful way to capture the priceless moments, and share them for a lifetime. Partnering with DJ Spin Productions has allowed my passion for photography to expand and connect me with people like you.

The Party

Jessica Barron


Photography is more than just snapping a picture to me, it’s creating art and memories in new ways every time I do a shoot. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone and taking pictures to capture all our memories is what we did, little did I know that it would turn into something so much more for me. I’m now married to a wonderful man and have an 8-month-old son who push me so much to accomplish all of my goals for photography. I chose to further my career and join Spin N Play Productions as a professional wedding photographer and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with such an amazing company that’s truly there to support their clients vision and put their whole heart into each opportunity they have with a client. My vision will always be to capture memories for people through my lens. It’s important to me to capture the perfect image for my clients and really focus in on their heart and vision for their event. I know eventually these images will be in scrap books, sent to family, or hung up around the house etc. and I want no regrets in being chosen to create those important images.

The Party

Paul McMillan


I was raised to enjoy every second and see the beauty in every moment. Life is always moving. If we are only looking for the perfect moment, we will miss what makes our dreams special (always pay attention to the moments in between). I am continually on the hunt for the way light comes through the leaves, the way steam floats off a morning cup of coffee, or the tranquil silence of a snowy winter’s night. As we grow older we tend to forget about these small moments. It is my passion to preserve as many of these as possible… and to bring you along on this journey.

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